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Prowett Family

Prowett Ancestors: Pedigrees of Family Members

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Sons of Immigrant William Ferdinand Prowett
John Allen, Harold Leslie, William Leithead & Ernest Charles Prowett

Photo courtesy of Hal Joaquim Prowett, Harold Leslie Prowett's grandson

Genealogical file last updated: 8/2005
Currently, all family members that I know are living, I have only included their names. The entries listed as "living Oliver" are living family members from Robert Wylie's database and a collateral line in this tree. All of them are still living, and his program strips their names off the record.
If I have mistakenly fallen under the assumption that you are dead and am listing your detail information without your permission, PLEASE contact me, and I will fix it in as timely a manner as possible.
Thanks, Sondra

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Created by: S. Miller-Prowett 9/2004
Updated 8/2006