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Prowett Family

A Brief Family History

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How we all got here...

For more in-depth histories and historical links:

Most of the Prowetts in the United States currently are related to the same ancestor, William Ferdinand Prowett, and his father Jonathan Prowett who was a free navigator for the British Navy & was a farmer and served on the board of a bank in Fullerton, Nebraska.
William Ferdinand served at least two terms as the Treasurer of Nance County, Nebraska. Jonathon emmigrated to the US with his wife and most of his children, landing at New York on April 30, 1880 on the ship "Alsatia" out of London, England.
The Allphin & McLain Families who have been in Oregon since 1847 are also connected to my husband's family, as well as the Clark and Babbitt families.
William Thomas Allphin was a member of the Territorial Legislature in Oregon. And his family helped settle Kentucky.
His great friend William McClain was the Captain of their wagon train on the Oregon Trail. Their children married and the Prowetts of this site are descended from one of those marriages.


And so the story continues...

Cleo Dollma Allphin with her Father William
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If you are looking for famous people connected to this family, I have found none. Just ordinary people living their lives and moving and growing, which has been very cool.
But you never know who could be connected if someone gives me just one more fact or name about people that I don't know :)

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