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Prowett Family

Lost Sheep in our Family

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I Doubt They're Really lost, but....

I sure can't find them, or information on them. If you are one of them, or know of one of them, drop me an email!
Direct Prowett Line:
I can't find the connection for Jonathan Prowett's parents in Southhampton or Scotland England.
Descendants of Henry Prowett, John Prowett, Elizabeth Prowett, or Jessie Ann Prowett: Jonathon's children who stayed in England in the 1880's.
Jonathon Prowett's wife, Jessie Leithead and her family from Hawick, Scotland.
Any current Prowett family, Rick and I would LOVE to hear from you!
Connected to William F. Prowett: Isreal Beagle's ancestors in 1840's New York, or Catherine Edwards in 1840's New York.
Allphin Line:
The current generations of the Gage family would be nice to connect with.
Moon Line:
John Webster in the 1850's in Nebraska or so. The Whalen family in Iowa.

Most Prowett names I've run into on the internet in any way shape or form I can normally figure out where they fit or don't fit, at least in the USA, but I ran across a listing of George Prowett and Dorothy Prowett as contributors to Burnaby Public Library in B.C., Canada. Whoever you are, can you contact me? I'd like to figure out if we're related, or if you're part of another Prowett family :)
Also ran across a Ronauld Prowett, Books on Tape's COO. He has been named president of the imprint, bought out by Random House in 2001. Would like to know if Ronauld is part of the family.
And Rev. John Prowett in Memphis, Tennessee.
I'm sure I'll have more to add as I sort through the information in the LDS archives and that information which is on line elsewhere. Currently, I'm more concerned with tracking some of the living "cousins" I may never have met! I've met more nice people that way!
Hi, cousin!

Cleo Dollma Allphin with Bessie or Nettie?

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