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Prowett Genealogy- The Quest

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Our 'family' Quest
Sondra 2002

You know who I am from the home page and my motivation for finally getting off the stick and learning about my family.
The Prowetts are, of course, my husband's's been 13 years now, I think maybe the marriage will last :)
I was going to do this as an 'official' blog with the ability to post comments and the like, but frankly it looked more complicated to set up than I want to worry about. I'm fighting a disabilty that leaves me in pretty much constant pain, so I want to be able to keep people informed with the least amount of effort and expense on my part. Hence, this website and this forum.
If you have things to add, just email me or post to the guestbook...I'll arrange these entries by date and try to put a topic in the heading like a 'real' blog :) Maybe I'll even post a listing of 'topics' eventually, who knows?
I'll add the newest post to the top and we'll go from there and see how it works, okay?

Topic: Genealogists    Title: Dearly Remembered
It's been many months since I could devote some time here. I got the house financing and my family and I moved to a beautiful small town in the Columbia Gorge. The last few months have been eaten up by moving and Christmas.
I've been out of touch with the Prowett family and I've had a hard time getting back into genealogy recently. I lost one of my favorite 'new' relatives just before Christmas to cancer.
Harold "Hal" Joaquim Prowett, my husband's cousin, had been a wonderful friend and mentor for finding out about my husband's family. I have a hard time doing much on this family right now, because so many of the names of the early immigrants have a story of Hal's running through my mind. Soon though, I need to transcribe my conversation with him and continue on finding what I can out about the Prowetts in the United States.
I just wish we'd had him longer...there was so much still for him to tell us...
Our blessings are with you Hal,

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