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Topics: Meeting Cousins

Topic: Meeting Cousins    Title: Moons & Hope Eternal
Prowett's reading this probably won't be as thrilled as I was, but Letha Clark made my week!
I sent a message to her about her rootsweb site in July and got a response last week. I'd put it out of my mind figuring life had gotten in the way, and it did. But Letha has now responded and has many great photos of my Mother-in-laws paternal Moon ancestors.
I saw Mom Prowett tonight and she was tickled pink at the printouts I made for her of the pictures of people that she remembers from her childhood, or from family stories!
Letha sent pictures of my husband's 2nd great grandmother, 3rd great grandmother, and 4th great grandmother, as well as the name to go with the 4th great grandmother's face! I found out that his 3rd great grandmother, Alice Whalen was married twice because her picture includes her second husband! And she sent pictures of his 3rd great grandfather, Willis Moon as well!
My husband has heard his mother talk of these people, but never seen any photos of them. She is going to give me the email address of Susie (Moon) Davis who gave her the copies of the photos so I can contact her too!
Rootsweb mixed with patience works great! Collaboration and sharing families is some of the most fun of this hobby! LOL It's like one of my mother's relatives put it, "collecting people is most of the fun! The more information and the better picture you get of them, the better the 'collection'." and I think it is much more rewarding than collecting china or art, at least I don't have to worry about somebody wanting to break my 'collection' or steal it!
Remember to keep those collections, Sondra

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